A Blog is (re)Born!

Now is the time for making New Years Resolutions and breaking them the next week, and in that spirit I have resolved to resurrect this blog!  For the brief time it existed, this blog happily occupied my mind, and even though I haven’t written anything for almost six months, the damn thing keeps itching at the back of my mind whenever I see a new remake, sequel, or adaptation (which, let’s face it, is almost every day).

With that in mind, I will here lay out the goals for this blog, which will hopefully aid me in actually completing it:

1) No post shall be longer than 500 words.
2) Any remake/sequel/adaptation is allowed, but not every remake/sequel/adaptation must be commented on, because really, that’s just unfair.  Nobody has that kind of stamina.  This means:
3) I pick the movies.  They do not have to be current or even (at first glance) relevant.  My blog, my rules.  I promise to stick to the theme, but I blatantly refuse to Chipwrecked because I like my brain as it is, and I’d rather it not be puddled at my feet at the sound of 6 pitchy CGI rodents belting current pop hits.
4) I will make bimonthly posts only, unless there is a special event.

So, to celebrate the blog’s rebirth, this month is hereby declared A Star Is Born Month!  Every week, I’ll tackle a different version of the movie that has, in its various iterations, given hope to a generation during the Depression, given smiles to generations of Judy fans, and given despair to generations of Streisand fans.  As a bonus, I’ll show you a 1970s movie that is the spiritual and visual successor of the 1954 Judy Garland film.




About Anne Marie Kelly

Classic Film history & restoration nerd. Writer of A Year With Kate and Women's Pictures for The Film Experience. Follow me on Twitter @WeRecycleMovies.
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