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Oscars Outdoors: A Star Is Born Revisited

Oscars Outdoors is a fantastic summer movie series put on by the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences.  (Full disclosure: The Academy does not pay me, but I show up anyway.)  Each Friday and Saturday night this summer the … Continue reading

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I Walked With A Zombie Jane Eyre

Before “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies,” before “World War Z,” “The Walking Dead,” or even “Night of the Living Dead,” there was a zombie movie based on “Jane Eyre.”  Because “I Walked With A Zombie” (1943 dir. Jacques Tourner) is … Continue reading

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5 More Movies That Make Pregnancy Terrifying

After seeing “Prometheus” last week, I started thinking.  “Prometheus” isn’t the first movie to terrify would-be mothers.  So, here are the top five horror films that will make you re-think childbirth: 1) “Prometheus” (2012):  Look, I said it in my … Continue reading

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“Alien” & “Prometheus”: Movies That Make Childbirth Terrifying

(For those of you who don’t want to read this review for fear of spoilers, I promise you that I only spoil one scene, and it’s for your own good.) When Ridley Scott told interviewers that “Prometheus” contains the DNA … Continue reading

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