Ninotchka & Silk Stockings: WRM Podcast with Drew Hamilton


Big changes are coming to We Recycle Movies! First and foremost, because of the popularity of the Anna Karenina podcast last month, Drew and I have decided to do bimonthly podcasts for your listening pleasure! You can listen to them here on the blog, or subscribe to us on iTunes! The podcast features the jokes and reviews you know and love us for, plus an audience-participation piece of trivia at the end of each show.

For our first new podcast, Drew and I watched “Ninotchka” and its musical remake “Silk Stockings.” Listen to our thoughts on the films below:

Drew’s favorite musical number, “Siberia”

Anne’s favorite musical number, “Stereophonic Sound”

This Week’s Trivia Question: Robert Mamoulian, director of “Silk Stockings,” also directed one Greta Garbo film. What was that film, and what is it infamous for?

For more fun updates, or to suggest a movie, like WRM on Facebook or follow on Twitter @WeRecycleMovies. Also check out our podcast on iTunes!


About Anne Marie Kelly

Classic Film history & restoration nerd. Writer of A Year With Kate and Women's Pictures for The Film Experience. Follow me on Twitter @WeRecycleMovies.
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