True Grit(s): WRM Podcast With Drew Hamilton!

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Hey everybody! After some slight delays, we bring you the latest We Recycle Movies podcast with Anne and Drew! Tonight we discuss two versions of True Grit: the 1969 John Wayne Western and the 2010 Coen Brothers remake. Along the way, Anne shows her inner bookworm by quoting a Wesleyan scholar and Drew sneaks in references to Back To The Future, Top Gun, and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off to make sure we don’t lose all of our cool cred. Listen here, or subscribe to us on iTunes:

Bonus reading! Here are the scholars Anne references. Andre Bazin’s introduction to Westerns, “The Western Or The American Film Par Excellence” can be downloaded here. Richard Slotkin’s series of lecture series “Western Movies: Myth, Ideology, & Genre” can be downloaded as a podcast here. I highly suggest Professor Slotkin’s lectures if you’re having a dull day at work (and you’ve listened already to all of the We Recycle Movies podcasts).

This Week’s Trivia: Some Oscar trivia! Take the number of Katherine Hepburn’s nominations, add that to the number of times she won, and divide by two. You’re left with the most Oscar wins by a woman. Who was that woman and what did she win for?

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About Anne Marie Kelly

Classic Film history & restoration nerd. Writer of A Year With Kate and Women's Pictures for The Film Experience. Follow me on Twitter @WeRecycleMovies.
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