Hit Me With Your Best Shot: Shorts

Short reviews for short films. I’m writing this (and watching these) from my iPhone as I stand in line for Jurassic Park in 3D at the Academy. And since I just wasted a bunch of words bragging to you about the fact that I’m going to a special screening of Jurassic Park in 3D at the Academy with a talking panel by the award-winning VFX team (oops, did it again) I’ll just get down to the reviews:

The Eagleman Stag
This is stop motion animation so smooth it almost looks like CGI. Animation lends itself to a certain blurring of the lines (so to speak) between reality and surreality already since it is not bound by conventional laws of physics, film, or light. Stop motion is usually bound at least by some of these laws, but Michael Please quickly tosses them out to tell a visually incredible story about a man’s obsession with time. Unfortunately, the story is less compelling than the meticulous craftsmanship of the filmmaking, so my choice for best shot is formally driven, not thematically or narratively:


Death To The Tin Man
This falls into every stereotype of student film: black and white, disaffected youth, pretentiously unpretentious (monotone) acting. Despite that, it’s still the best adaptation of an Oz book in the last two decades. (Yes I’m including Wicked both book and musical because screw Stephen Schwartz and Gregory Maguire. They’re overhyped.) Once I got over the monotone, I enjoyed the film. My choice for best shot is what it looks like when hipsters riot because the espresso machine broke:


Okay, those are my reviews! Movie is about to start. Did I mention it’s JURASSIC PARK IN 3D AT THE ACADEMY WITH A GUEST PANEL ON VFX?

(For those who were expecting something more scholarly, I promise my Jurassic Park review will make up for this.)

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