5 Movies To Watch With Dad

Happy Father’s Day! It’s time to show Dad your appreciation with a bottle of scotch, or by mowing the lawn. Or if you’re too cheap for the first option and too lazy for the second, how about a movie marathon? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Here are 5 movies you can watch with your dad that are sure to inspire just the right number of nostalgic and embarrassing stories from dad about your childhood.

5.) Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade –
Okay, I’ll admit that this one is totally for my benefit. My dad is indelibly linked to Indiana Jones in my mind, because when I was little, my dad had an Indiana Jones hat, and he was (and is) my hero. Even if your dad isn’t as dashingly handsome as Harrison Ford (like mine is), it will still be fun to watch the part-buddy-comedy-part-nagging-parent relationship Indy and his father (Sean Connery) share. At least your dad hasn’t tried to steal your girlfriend.

4.) Taken –
This qualifies as the badass Father’s Day action movie. If your dad isn’t the sappy type, you can watch this story of a father (Liam Neeson) who enacts bloody revenge on the men who kidnapped his daughter. Then you can sit back, relax, and listen to your dad brag about how if you were kidnapped, he’d make even Liam Neeson look like a pansy.

3.) The Lion King –
Really, almost any Disney or Pixar movie works here, since the side effect of constant absent mothers can be a very present dad (Finding Nemo pops to mind). The Lion King is the ultimate justification for the helicopter parent, because Mufasa actually comes back from the dead to tell his son how to live his life. And it works. Joking aside, you and your dad will both need a cuddle when you get to the scene where Simba discovers his dying father.

2.) Bad News Bears –
I know the go-to Father’s Day baseball movie is Field Of Dreams, but let’s be honest for a moment: there’s a limit to how much saccharine plot you can take. Fortunately, there are the loveable-but-foul-mouthed Bears, with Walter Matthau playing the unlikely and unsuitable father figure to Tatum O’Neal and the rest of the ragtag baseball team. Plus, this gives your dad the perfect opportunity to reminisce about the year he coached your Little League team and tried to turn you into Mark McGwire (without the drugs).

1.) To Kill A Mockingbird –
Atticus Finch may be considered the best fictional dad of all, but you know your dad is the best at what he does. Take this Father’s Day to show him how much you appreciate him. If you’re out of town, give him a call. If you’re in town, give him a hug. It doesn’t take much to remind him that no matter how old you grow or how far you move, you’ll always be his kid.

So there you have it. I’ll admit that these are personal favorites, so if none of these appeal to you, you can still choose from a host of movies including Hook, Shane, How Green Was My Valley, Three Men And A Baby, Kramer vs Kramer, and Die Hard. Happy Father’s Day!

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