HMWYBS: Batman & Bombs

Considering they share source material, Batman (1966) and The Dark Knight Rises (2012) couldn’t be more different films. The first(ish) cinematic adventure of the Caped Crusader is a silly satire brimming with ’60s psychedelic colors and the truly weirdest (best?) puns you’ve ever heard. The last(ish) conclusion to the Dark Knight trilogy is a colorless, serious allegory about social upheaval, urban decay, and muscled men in jumpsuits beating the crap out of each other. And yet, improbably, there is a single unifying plot point that ties these polar opposites together.

Best Shot(s)


As the sun rises over the water and the Dark Knight flies off with the nuclear reactor, ready to sacrifice his life one more time for Gotham City, you know just one thing is going through his mind:


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4 Responses to HMWYBS: Batman & Bombs

  1. Margaret says:

    heeeeheeeeeeeeeee i love this so much

    no better antidote to TDKR’s mountain of self-seriousness.

  2. Nathaniel R says:

    brilliant as usual

  3. Nathaniel R says:

    and also, how superb is that bomb joke in the original movie. i love it so much. too bad the second half of the movie is… well, the movie is too long for what it’s doing but anyway…

    • Anne Marie says:

      The bomb joke is perfect. Best example of the ’66 Batman’s self-aware humor. I agree that the movie is too long, but that might be as emblematic of Batman films as the cowl and cape.

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