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HMWYBS: How “A Star Is Born” Changed My Life

It’s strange to think how much one movie can affect your life. A Star Is Born could easily be considered the mascot film of this blog. I’ve raved (and occasionally ranted) about A Star Is Born in all its versions. … Continue reading

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The Miserable Music in the “Les Mis” Movie

“Les Miserables” has never been a personal favorite, but I understand and respect its place in Broadway history and I enjoy a few of the songs, so I was looking forward to Tom Hooper’s Oscar-nominated film adaptation. After having seen … Continue reading

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A Star Is Born In New York, New York (1977)

If “A Star Is Born” is a love letter to Hollywood’s myth about Hollywood, then “New York New York” (1977 starring Liza Minnelli and Robert De Niro) is a love letter to Hollywood’s myth about New York.  Director Martin Scorsese … Continue reading


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A Greater Star Is Born (1954)

The 1954 version of “A Star Is Born” (starring Judy Garland and James Mason) is undoubtedly the best.  Made when the studio system was teetering towards disaster,  the film perfectly captures the contradiction of Hollywood in the ‘50s: filled to … Continue reading

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