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Hit Me With Your Best Shot: How Green Was My Valley

Ed. Note: welcome back, everyone! WRM continues to be updated sporadically while Anne Marie furiously blogs her way through a Year With Kate for The Film Experience, but now please enjoy the smart and snarky contribution from WRM contributor Margaret! … Continue reading

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Number-Crunching The 86th Academy Awards

Hi. Remember me? I used to write this blog before I started an epic journey through Katharine Hepburn’s filmography. Turns out epic journeys are way more time-consuming than I thought. Anyway, the Academy Awards are on Sunday and I just … Continue reading

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Make Musicals, Not Museum Pieces! (The Real Revival Lesson From Hollywood’s Musical Golden Age)

Some people may think I’m beating a dead War Horse devoting so much of this blog to the problems with recent Hollywood adaptations of Broadway shows. But with Sunday night’s Oscar tribute to the New Movie Musical, as well as … Continue reading

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Number-Crunching The 85th Annual Academy Awards (50th Post!)

The 85th Annual Academy Awards are Sunday night! And while I may have passionately railed against one of the films nominated for Best Picture, I am still extremely excited for Oscars night. There will be a tribute to Movie Musicals, … Continue reading

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True Grit(s): WRM Podcast With Drew Hamilton!

Hey everybody! After some slight delays, we bring you the latest We Recycle Movies podcast with Anne and Drew! Tonight we discuss two versions of True Grit: the 1969 John Wayne Western and the 2010 Coen Brothers remake. Along the … Continue reading

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Some Oscars History WRM Style!

Tonight are the 84th Academy Awards, so in honor of Hollywood’s big night I thought I’d share some Oscar history with you, We Recycle Movies style.  I went through all 84 years and 492-odd nominated films to crunch the numbers … Continue reading

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