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Countdown To The Avengers: Why The Marvel Cinema-verse Matters

As I watched the latest installments in my Countdown to “The Avengers,” I had a revelation: Marvel is attempting something virtually unprecedented in modern moviemaking with the Avengers movies, something that is perhaps only possible in today’s franchise-hungry Hollywood. Marvel … Continue reading

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Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Marry Brunettes, and Ignore Censors

Since we’ve primarily talked about remakes so far, I thought we should move on to another kind of Hollywood recycling: the sequel. Now, while it’s true that some sequels end up becoming equal to or better than the original (“The … Continue reading

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Some Oscars History WRM Style!

Tonight are the 84th Academy Awards, so in honor of Hollywood’s big night I thought I’d share some Oscar history with you, We Recycle Movies style.  I went through all 84 years and 492-odd nominated films to crunch the numbers … Continue reading

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