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HMWYBS: Batman & Bombs

Considering they share source material, Batman (1966) and The Dark Knight Rises (2012) couldn’t be more different films. The first(ish) cinematic adventure of the Caped Crusader is a silly satire brimming with ’60s psychedelic colors and the truly weirdest (best?) puns you’ve ever … Continue reading

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Batmonth: First Podcast Featuring Eric Zipper!

Hey everybody!  I decided to end Batmonth with a bang, so I invited my friend Eric Zipper over to watch the 1966 Adam West “Batman” movie and do a podcast with me!  Eric is a “junior Batman-ologist” of the highest … Continue reading

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Batmonth: The Dark Knight Rises and Falls

The story of Batman is the story of Gotham.  Batman is born from the tragedy of Thomas and Martha Wayne’s deaths, as young Bruce Wayne vows to save the city that killed his parents.  This is an origin unique to … Continue reading

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