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Batmonth Rebuttal: 5 Alternatives to Twilight

So I gave “Twilight” it’s due diligence and allowed my friend Christina to tell you 5 reasons why she read “Twilight,” but now it’s time for a rebuttal.  So here are 5 movies to watch instead of “Twilight,” if you … Continue reading

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Batmonth Guest Post: 6 Reasons I Enjoyed Twilight

Or, 1 Reason I Read It and 5 Reasons I’m Not The Only One By Christina F. Christina currently resides in Littleton, Colorado, where she competently handles her quarter-life crisis by reorganizing her parents entire house and talking to the … Continue reading

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Batmonth Tipsy Twilight Tweet-A-Thon Recap

Starting Batmonth off right, my friends Dori, Gabe from Beer And A Movie, and I went to an outdoor screening of “Twilight” at Street Food Cinema.  We had a surprisingly fun time considering the film quality (fortunately with Gabe, the … Continue reading

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5 More Movies That Make Pregnancy Terrifying

After seeing “Prometheus” last week, I started thinking.  “Prometheus” isn’t the first movie to terrify would-be mothers.  So, here are the top five horror films that will make you re-think childbirth: 1) “Prometheus” (2012):  Look, I said it in my … Continue reading

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