WRM Podcast

We Recycle Movies now has a bimonthly podcast! Tune in every other week as Drew and Anne discuss movies, argue over details, and crack jokes. Stay tuned for audience-participation trivia at the end of each episode! Subscribe to us on iTunes, or check out The Archives below.

Podcast #0 – “Batmonth: First Podcast Featuring Eric Zipper” 7/31/12

Podcast #1 – “Anna Karenina Podcast with Russian Expert Drew Hamilton” 12/10/12

Podcast #2 – “Silk Stockings & Ninotchka” 1/7/13

Podcast #3 – “True Grit(s)” 1/30/13

Podcast #4- “Treasure Island(s)” 4/30/13

Podcast #5- “Many Much Ados” 6/20/13

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